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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Teacher's are DUMB

Teachers, as a group, are DUMB. Not "dumb" as in stupid, but the "DUMB" as in Silent. As a group, I don't think teachers talk much. This is too bad. As I have surfed various educational blog rolls, I often read something that I find to be of interest. I will often leave a comment, if the blog has a place for posting comments that doesn't require too much work. But I wonder, how many teachers read some other teachers' or 'educators' blog and remain silent ?

In observing years of faculty meetings, time in the teacher's lounge and workroom at the school where I teach, there seem to be several main types of teachers, in terms of talking; those that talk too much and always have an opinion about something, those that never say a word, those that will whisper to someone close by and those who will say nothing at the faculty meeting, but bitch loudly about something when they are away from administrative or the 'teacher in gossips' ears.
Because I leave comments regarding someone's blog, does this make me that type that "talks too much"? I hope not. I believe we teachers are in a tough job and NEED TO TALK TO EACH OTHER ! We need to network to share ideas, horror stories, success stories, concerns, etc.

Teachers need to speak up for ourselves. In the local teachers association in which I am forced to belong (affiliate of CTA/NEA), very few teachers speak up about anything to their appointed leaders. For example, we are now one year and five teaching months without a contract with the school district. It was suggested that the leaders of our association "model" the behavior they are requesting from the rank and file members, that is, writing letters to the editor of the local newspaper. The local union leaders refuse to do so. The President told me, "the board knows EXACTLY how I feel". Yet, they ask the rank and file to stick our necks out to do something they themselves will not do. (I say 'stick their necks out', because those of us who have spoken out in the past have been targeted by the district administration for retaliation....Involuntary transfers to less desirable teaching assignments/schools, letters of reprimand in personal files, increased administrative visits to 'monitor' instruction in their classrooms, denial of requests to attend professional conferences, denial of requests for personal necessity leave, etc.) Under the guidance of our superintendent, Dr. KOP, several teachers have learned that they do not have first amendment rights to free speech. Would this be a problem if 200+ teachers in my school district were SPEAKING OUT for their rights? No. But they don't. And we are forced to accept poorer teaching conditions everytime we "lose" the Battle of the Contract.

Anyhow, if you are a teacher with something to say, SAY IT ! Open up you mouth and communicate whatever is on your mind ! Talk to your fellow teachers, to those who's blogs you visit, to the parents of your students, even to those who 'rule' you (administrators, etc.) ! QUIT BEING DUMB !

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