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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"Just smile and say thanks"

I did something that I cannot usually do on a weekday morning; go out for coffee. But, tis Spring Break and I can go out for some coffee from our towns small 'Mom and Pop' combo coffee shop/bookstore. There are often an eclectic assortment of people in and out of this java/book place. As I was sugaring my coffee (price reduced by answering correctly the daily trivia question), a young man in a bright orange T-shirt with his hair shorn very short on the sides of his head and the long hair on top of his head slicked back into a pony-tail, spoke to me. "Aren't you Mr. --, you taught at -- (the Jr. High where I teach) ? "Yes," I answered him. He nodded and told me he'd been in one of my science classes. "That was awhile back" I said. I asked his name, he told me, but I didn't remember him. There have been thousands of kids passing through my classes since he was a seventh grader. And, they tend to change a bit over the years. I asked him what he was doing now; he said he was working and had two kids. With a quick glance of his watch, he said he had to get to work. I said to "take care." As he was leaving, he reached out his hand, we shook and he told me, "Ya know Mr.--, you did good for alot of us, thanks." I just smiled and said "thanks for telling me." It was a good way to start my day.

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