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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Warning: RANT MODE ON ---- CTA wants MORE of my money. They are "proposing" an increase of $60.00 annual dues increase to fight the Governators assault on teachers, saying that this would only be in effect for up to three years. Ya, right. WHEN have union dues (and the price of gasoline or a ticket to a professional sports event) EVER gone down? BUT NO, in addition to this proposed, promised short term dues increase, they want to raise the 'regular' CTA dues another $25.00 per year. And here in the ass-end of California, our local Uniserv Tyrant, Ernie Bristow and his flock of winged monkey minions want another $40.00 per year to raise funds to pay for the expansion of their existing Uniserv facility. ( I have written about this---please see below ).
And of course, NEA is flinching a couple of more dollars from my paycheck too. It all adds up to about $130.00 a year in increased Union dues; which for me, is an increase from $810.00 annually to about $940.00! This is about a 14% Union dues increase! Piss on that !

RANT MODE OFF ------------------

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