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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Extra Credit

I have a policy regarding extra credit that simply states: "If you are not earning at least a "C" in my class, you are not eligible for Extra Credit, unless I offer extra credit to everyone." I do not believe a student should be doing "extra" work when they are not doing what is expected of them in the class. I don't believe extra credit is to bring up a failing grade. (Coming in afterschool and making up missing work is possible, but not the last week of school.)

The extra credit I offer for everyone is activities like parent participation on the parent-student homework assignments that are given several times per year (students answer questions about things like using slave labor or hiring labor to build onto the Great Wall of China and explaining why their choice is best, "Are men in charge of women" as per the Qur'an and Christian Bible, etc. Parents who participate (answer questions and hopefully, discuss issues with their child, earn their child extra points), or watching something historical on tv and explaining what they have learned. But most extra credit opportunities have the minimum grade requirement. What do you other teachers do? I welcome your comments and discussion.