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Sunday, June 26, 2005

NCLB to the High Schools.....Here come the Recruiters

NCLB AS A TOOL FOR MILITARY RECRUITING: There have been a number of recent stories in the news about certain organizations being upset when military recruiters visit high schools and make requests of high school administrators for the names and contact data of their students. I have no problem with recruiters visiting our high schools. They were doing that when I was in high school back during the Ford and Carter years. Some of us even looked forward to military recruiters visiting the campus. During our 10-11-12 grade years, we got a chance to get out of class for a nice segment of the day to go take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Appitude Battery). And, during my senior year, those who chose to enlist in the delayed entry program were eligible for the old GI Bill benefits upon their exit from military service. I tried to enlist, but was declared "Four-F" because of my poor vision. I know several guys who earned their college education using GI Bill benefits. I know a number of people who use the skills they learned while in military service in their 'civilian' lives. But, talking to the recruiters was voluntary and any data they received was from the people who were interested.

But, I wonder, in a large legislative bill that is geared toward improving public school education, how did such a section get into the bill requiring school officials to turn over student data to recruiters get included? I'd like to know who added that to NCLB. Maybe if our President hadn't entangled us in a war that has no clear ending in sight and in which our soldiers are not being given the materials they need (such as armored HUMVEES), our military recruiters would not have a problem working with our nations young people to nudge them towards serving our country in the military. Maybe the problem is our governments choices on how to use our military. For the record, I personally am in support of going after the terrorists. I don't believe that is why we are in Iraq. I am also soured about why are we in Iraq since one of my former students was killed over there while serving with the USMC. Let the Iraqis (or any other country on this planet) have a revolution like we did back in 1775-1782 to determine their path or toss out the tyrants. We shouldn't do it for them.

On a personal note, my sons will be in high school in a few years. IF NCLB is still in effect, I will ask that their names be deleted from the data given to military recruiters. IF my sons wish to include military service and training as part of their explorations for post-high school life, I won't object to that. I would encourage them to seek technical training and skills development if they do chose to go into military service. I will object to unsolicited phone calls or home visits by recruiters (of any kind).

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Small Victory for Local Teachers

As I have previously written about here on my blog, our NEA/CTA/UNISERV/Local Union dues were "fixin'" to be raised about $125 dollars next school year. However, a small victory has been won by the teachers of this desert region of California; the 'proposed' increase in Uniserv dues to pay for the expansion of the current Uniserv center WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS NEXT YEAR. This item was TABLED at the most recent Uniserv meeting, with the "official" reason given that it "might interfere with CTA's fight against Der Governator. However, it was reported that this large proposed dues increase and especially the money for expanding the Uniserv office was nearly universally ( ok, locally anyhow ) met with howls of protest and anger by the local teachers who would be forced to pay this union levy and the consensus of nearly every local president was this would not be a wise thing to do at this time. So, this plan to tax local teachers to expand the Uniserv building is on hold for now. But, the CTA monarchy will most likely get their $60 tax from their members to fight Der Governator and the other 'dues' they plan to levy on their hardworking membership.