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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Left Behind......NCLB is Failing these Kids!

I have carefully looked around at the students of the junior high school where I teach. Sadly, I have seen that NCLB is failing a goodly number of these students. NCLB has only what, about 26 subgroups that are monitored ? What about THESE kids ?

The kids who wear their PE clothes under their street clothes. PE clothes that have been worn all week, running about and whateverelse they did in PE in temperatures over 100 degrees F. Are they recognized by NCLB? Phewthetically, NO.

A good number of our RSP kids who are also ELL (Special Education students who are also "learning" English. Are they recognized by NCLB ? ?Por que pasa dude?

Our migratory students. The kids who attend three or four different school in a school year. Are they recognized by NCLB? No, go talk to the USFWS.

The kids for whom breakfast is a large soda from the fast food place across the street from our school, or whom seem to show up at school with fancy, expensive Starbucks beverages that most of their teachers can't afford on a regular basis.
Are they recognized by NCLB ? No. Muy Grande, Petit, and Al dente are not recognized scoring categories by NCLB.

The few kids who DO NOT like Flaming Cheetos. Are they recognized by NCLB? Noooooooooooo!

The kids who are in our classes that are illerate in English and their home language. Will NCLB allow them to be tested in Spanglish? Nada for yous vida.

Are the kids living in a group home recognized by NCLB? No. But their parent figure is probably still collecting welfare for their "kid".

So, are there any subgroups of kids at your school whom NCLB is leaving behind ? Let us know ! Isn't NCLB coming up for reauthorization in 2006.....Time to let your elected officials KNOW your opinion of this matter !

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