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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Starting to wonder about......

I am starting to wonder about what to do when my oldest son is ready to move on to junior high. He will probably be attending the same school where I teach, the "other" jhs/ms in our district is not an option for my children. Should he be in my class? My initial inclination is that he should not be in my class; he's heard me all his life and needs to experience other teachers. Should I request specific teachers for him? Or, should I just let the dice land as they may (as in let him get scheduled like most of the other kids, without parental input regarding placement)? We have had several other 'staff' kids come through our school. As far as I know, their staff parent did not have their child in their class or make requests to enroll their child with specific teachers. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

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