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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What do You think ?

Educational "research" says that one thing teachers can do to help establish a bit of personal repore with their students is to greet them at the door of our classrooms as they enter class. Some teachers do this, and some take the time to actually shake hands or require a "high five" type of greeting.

This being said, should a teacher who makes physical "hand" contact then be seen minutes later by his/her students cleaning their hands with hand sanitizer?

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Someone asked....Cornell Notes

A reader indicated recently in a comment that they'd never heard of the Cornell format for taking notes. AFAIK, this is a two column method of taking notes; the student divides their paper into two columns, one-third of the paper and two-thirds of the paper. For right handed students, the one-third column is on the left side of their paper, for lefties, the one-third column is on the right side of their paper.

The two-thirds side of the paper is mainly where the students notes, vocabulary terms and definitions, illustrations, etc., are written. The one-third column is mainly for questions / study questions. The questions in the one-third column must be related to the material in the notes. This way, students can fold their paper so that they cannot see the notes section, ask themselves the question, respond to it, then check their notes to see if they "got it".

This can fit in nicely with reciprocal teaching.....Students can write their predictions and words for clarification in the two-thirds column, take notes, do vocabulary, etc., in the two-thirds column, then develop study questions in the one-third column. Summarization can be done in the two-thirds column or just using the whole width of the paper.

Anyone who can add or make the above more concise or clear, please add to it in the comments.

I hope this answers your question.

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