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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BLAME the teachers....Thanks JACK !

The headline on page 3 of this mornings San Diego Union-Tribune read, "STATE SCHOOLS CHIEF WANTS EDUCATORS TO RID SYSTEM OF BIAS". California State Superintendent of Public Schools Jack O'Connell said that "Low expectations for black and Hispanic students contribute to their persistent achievement gap with whites and Asians."

On the surface, this contains a figment of truth. But, IMO, DON'T BLAME THE TEACHERS.

Blame the low socio-economics of many "minority" families and the resulting lack of readiness of their children for school.

Blame the lack of education of the parent (ok, "parents") of many "minority" families.

Blame parents who refuse to be a part of their children's education or who refuse to educate themselves as to how to be an advocate for their children's education.

Blame a public educational system handicapped by political correctness.

Blame an outdated public education system that routinely promotes students based on age, rather than demonstrated learning (social promotion).

Blame a public education system in which the rights of the few "behaviorally-challenged" students are more important than the rights of the students who behave, make an effort and want an education.

Blame the bloated educational bureaucracy that sucks billions of dollars AWAY from public school classrooms.

Blame a public educational system in which teachers who have high standards are harassed, pestered, badgered, threatened with poor evaluations, and / or goaded by their site administrators NOT to fail students, while at the same time, there is absolutely no accountability or responsibility for anything on part of the students.

Blame popular culture that says being educated is not of value.

As many of you know, it is not JUST the teacher that should be involved in a child's education. It takes the school, the community, the parents, interest and effort on part of the students and the teacher. Yes, there may be a few "bad" teachers out there. Blame poor administrative leadership for those teachers remaining in their jobs. Blame and chastise poor administrating leadership for not helping a struggling teacher improve their craft.

The article also cites the fact that many of the "lowest performing schools have 'teacher quality' issues. Blame that on a lack of experience and training. Blame that on districts being able to hire a teacher who only has a bachelors degree to qualify for that job. Blame the decreasing number and quality of teacher wanna-bes on the poor pay, poor behavior, high stress of meeting unrealistic testing mandates and a lack of support for assisting new, inexperienced teachers with meaningful training.

There is lots of blame to go around. Don't just BLAME the teachers, Jack.

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