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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not quite Vlad the Impaler.....

I couldn't resist posting this. THIS has gotten more laughs at my school site than anything I have seen in years.

Our 8th Grade science teachers are currently doing the dreaded "Flour Baby" activity with some of their students. The rules, of course, are strict. One of our teachers, who is teaching in an old science classroom, is keeping the heads of the flour babies who "die" or are otherwise terminated in his classroom. And, he is sticking these flour baby heads on poles set up on one of the old lab tables in the classroom.

It is a bit bizarre and maybe disturbing, to enter this classroom and see heads of deceased flour baby's on poles. But hey, you gotta be a bit bizarre and maybe disturbed to teach junior high, eh?

( for those of you not familiar with flour babies, their bodies are a duct taped wrapped five pound bag of flour and their heads are baby doll heads.)

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