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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some folks value their Teachers

One of our local school districts has parents who support their school and teachers. This was in our local newspapers "letters to the editor" :

"The teaching staff at McCabe School in El Centro would like to send many thank yous to the McCabe P.T.O. for our wonderful, restful Teacher’s Appreciation Week.

Our week began Monday morning when the staff lounge was transformed into a soothing, relaxing and quiet haven. The tables were covered in linen, there were bubbling fountains and calming lights hanging from the ceiling. The cabinets in which we store coffee cups and kitchen supplies were rearranged with new organizers. There were sparkling new glass containers for the coffee, sugar and creamers. Even our restrooms were decorated with lovely soaps and lotions. Each of us was give a compact disc of relaxing classical music along with a lovely breakfast.

Tuesday morning we were greeted with another soothing gift. Wednesday we were given yummy chocolates and shoulder massages. Thursday we had incense to take home and Cold Stone ice cream with toppings. Friday, in addition to bath salts, we were treated to a beautiful elegant luncheon of delicious salads, freshly baked bread and decadent desserts.

We truly are a fortunate group of teachers to have such generous, caring and supportive parents. We thank you, McCabe P.T.O., for everything you do."

Just a note: This school has some of the highest standardized test scores in our county. Students at this school come from some of the higher socio-economic, higher educated parents in the county. They are often considered "pickier" about the teachers they hire. I wonder, if there is any link between such parents, their expectations and high test scores???? Wadda ya think ?

But our tacos were nice.

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