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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Teacher Week Sometime or Another....

So, when was or is Teacher Appreciation Week ? According to my CTA pocket calendar, National Teacher Appreciation Week was May 6 - 12. California Day of the Teacher was Wednesday, May 9. Whatever.

Found in my mailbox last week was a plastic sandwich bag with the following items: a "thank you teachers" magnetic plastic clips and a broken spring neck plastic bobblethingie from (local teachers association), a "teachers are appreciated" pencil and, get this, a ball point pen celebration "DAY OF THE TEACHER 2003". HEY LOCAL TEACHERS ASSOCIATION AND CTA.....HOW ABOUT NOT BUYING ME SUCH "APPRECIATION" AND REDUCING MY UNION DUES ?????

Our school did not formally do anything for their teachers last week, because it was state testing week. However, in the crowded room where we picked up our testing material boxes each morning, there was some breakfast stuff; juice, coffee, bagels and warm cream cheese and on two mornings, a variety of breakfast burritos. I wonder if the breakfast stuff was a result of someone jokingly saying something about picking up testing material boxes AND breakfast at the faculty meeting about the testing.

But today, we had a free lunch. Two ladies from our school site council were there to welcome us and encourage us to eat all we wanted. We had tacos. Carne Asada and Pollo Asada (marinated flank steak and marinated chicken) tacos. One of our local "taco cart guys" was engaged to feed us. It was good. Polski3 LOVES Tacos. There was guacamole and a variety of salsa toppings, pickled onions, roasted hot peppers, shredded cabbage, lime slices, beans, rice, a variety of cookies, water and sodas. The Taco cart guy set up his stand ( table and grill ) in the outdoor central corridor between two of our school buildings. From my classroom,I could smell it an hour before lunch. I am positive it was torture for our students, to be smelling grilling carne asada and pollo asada and know that some crappy half cold chicken nuggets were awaiting them for their school lunch. Alas, as much as Polski3 LOVES tacos, I did not overeat. I exhibited superb self-control today. And, I did my students two favors; I avoided the beans and between period 5 and 6, I went over to the taco cart and got six or seven tortillas which I tore into bits and passed them out to my period 6 kids. They devoured them, as I expected. These kids are always hungry. Anyhow.....

Later today, I personally thanked our three administrators for the taco lunch.

Later this month, we teachers at my school might be treated to more Mexican food, as Mexican Teacher Appreciation Day is later in May. One of our teachers usually gets ( I don't know if that is the correct word, but.....) the parents of her students to fix a variety of Mexican foods for the teachers. It is a good feed. There are some advantages to living near the border.

Lastly, let me just say, that it's nice to get away, once in awhile, from the usual sandwich or microwaved leftovers, yogurt and fruit type lunch I usually cart to school each day.

How were you appreciated ?

Thanks for reading my blog.