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Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's in your "teacher binder ?"

So, what is in your "teacher binder?" I have a computer gradebook, so student grades are not in my teacher binder. My binder is a simple, non-descript, three-D-rings, blue binder and is new for this school year. So what's in my teacher binder?

Opening up my binder, you will find the inside pocket with a few pacing guide papers. In a plastic sheet protector, are a couple of postcard sized mini-posters by the graphic artist Shepard Farley, "OBEY" Department of Public Works: Dissent Porliferation," "GIANT Cured all my obedience Problems." The next page is also a sheet protector housing the District School year Calendar on one side and a list of the AV/Tech. equipment I have officially checked out to me.
Taped or glued onto a thin sheet of cardboard, are several "teaching" ideas along with an "In-N-Out" hamburger joint sticker. The next page features a collection of favorite Dilbert cartoons, a small copy of an Andy Warhol picture of Jackie O. and my computer and copy machine code numbers. There is also a picture of one of my son's in his costume as a Munchkin mayor when he was in the Wizard of Oz play a couple of years ago.
Yes, there is student related stuff in my teacher binder. Advisory class "graded" stuff is next, with grade sheet about who is doing their daily planner properly and has the proper parent signatures each school day following the weekend, and their AR data. Then, my attendance sheets for each class, along with a print out of grades for any student who left my class ( just in case they show up again or for some reason, these are needed ). Next comes the Salzman Discipline method Discipline Record sheets for each class.
Towards the back of my binder, we find a copy of the (variable) school discipline procedures, my personal teaching improvement plan and some pictures of a guy in San Diego who had small pox, circa early 1900's. I keep that in my teacher binder for when we talk about diseases in the middle ages, I can show students what someone suffering from small pox looks like.

Thats it. That is what is in my teacher binder.

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