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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Educational B.S. 101.....California Budget for Schools

Several of our teachers went to a workshop ( not by choice; they were told to go as part of our herculean effort to stop being a failing school ). They learned something that will undoubtedly put an end to our school being labeled a failing school; that being that there are no more student activities involving "fill-in-the-blank" questions. No more ! These very same student activities in which students are tasked in putting (hopefully) correct data into a space to complete a statement are now, according to the highly paid consultant/presenter of this workshop for failing schools, to be known as "sentence framing" activities.

Ladies and gentlemen and others, here be your educational dollars at work.

As many of you know, especially those of you in California, Our "Guvanator" has promised that EVERYONE must feel the pain of California's lack of money. Just in today's newspaper, California Governor Arnold is quoted as saying, "I realize that providing a first-rate education system means having adequate funding." I read that many schools have provided lay-off notices to teachers. Many more lay-off notices for teachers than to administrators. Many schools have provided lay-off notices to their nurses, counselors and librarians. What I have not read is that many, if any schools, have informed athletic coaches that their sport will not be funded unless the state provides the necessary funds to include extra-curricular sports programs to the school. I also note that I have yet to read about any segment of our California State Department of Education or any County Office of Education reducing their great numbers of bureaucrats who do not teach children. Nope, it is those who work directly with California's children. Districts are cutting teachers and raising the number of children in classrooms. All hail our sports programs!

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