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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Burr....it was cold....Family Funeral

I haven't had much time to blog. Been busy with teaching and it was the end of our first semester.

Also flew to Chicago on short notice to attend a funeral. My father's older sister died. She was the last of her generation, the matriarch of the Polish side of my family. She was mother to two of my cousins, wife to three good, highly educated, professional men, a teacher, and a lawyer. She helped start a teachers union and she was always generous in helping her family (parents, brothers, nephews, nieces, great-nieces, etc.). She was especially generous and helpful with the younger generations of the family and assisted many of them in their quest for post-high school education. She was a bit miffed with me that I hadn't gone to school to further my education past my BA and minor degrees. Once she implied that I'd been too negatively influenced by one of her brothers. But I said, no, that was not the reason. Anyhow.....

My aunt suffered a stroke in mid-December while waiting to go to a holiday party. And, as was typical of her, was upset that she was missing holiday parties and several court dates. But, she didn't recover from her stroke and subsequent infection. We think she decided it was time to go. She lived a long, productive life and after each tragedy ( she survived all three husbands ), always bounced back. A family joke referred to never seeming to end energy levels. She passed on to her next appointments. Oh, and for those of you who may care about such things, she graduated from the University of Chicago School of Law in 1945. She is now buried at the "head of the line" next to her husbands. She has them buried all in a row, with her spot at the head of the line next to husband number three.

When we were in Chicago, it was on the cool side. Saturday, the day of the funeral, it was about 10 degrees. THIS is quite different than the almost 80 degrees I left in warmer Southern California. When we departed on Sunday morning, it was about 3 degrees. Fortunately, there was no new snow while we were there, and the roads were not icy. We got to visit with many of my cousins; eight of her ten nieces and nephews were there. I got a bit of reading done on the airplane. Mrs. Polski said she has a much GREATER understanding as to why her mother moved from the high plains after high school graduation. I am thankful my grandparents moved to warmer clims.....My sons got to play in the snow and my youngest learned what happens when you get your pant legs wet while playing in the snow. He got to experience that tingly feeling in very cold skin as it warms up. My son's also got to meet, at least for a couple of hours, with my brother who lives on the east coast and whom we rarely see.

Its ok visiting and being in the cold for a short time, but I do not think I want to live in it. Ok, so I am spoiled. I'll take 110 degrees over 10 degrees any day! I can handle 110 degrees.

Thanks for reading this.