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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dark Future ------ Student teacher ----Super Bowl Comments

Mrs. Polski3 substituted in a lower elementary classroom for two days last week.
One of her students was just returning to class from being suspended from school. His offense? While in the principals office for a variety of offenses, the principal was called out of her office for a minute. While she was gone, this young thug saw her purse and attempted to steal her cell phone from it ! What will this kid be doing in ten years? I hope he'd not in my classes in a few years.

I have a student teacher for the next seven weeks. Anyone wish to offer an advice I can pass on to her ?

As for this weekends BIG event, GO Cardinals! You know, I always wondered what Archie Manning woulda done with a better group of professional athletes around him. I guess maybe we got a glimpse of this with his sons play in the NFL. I also wondered the same thing about one of my "youthful" sorta heros, St. Louis Cardinals QB Jim Hart. Even though the Cards' aren't one of my "A" list teams to follow, they still rate higher than many other teams. I respect the Steeler's and the great team they've put together, I like tough D, but I hope the Cards day has finally arrived.
At least I think it will be a SUPER game.

Have a SUPER Weekend !