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Friday, September 18, 2009

Priorities ?

Just what are our priorities?

* Many teachers in California have been laid off, nay, FIRED, because they are the most recent hired and there is no money to continue to employ them.

* My high school son's science class has no lab tables and will be severely restricted on what hands-on lab experiences can be performed in his biology class because there is no money to buy the materials needed for biology lab classes.

* My son's high school orchestra class has no instruments for students to use at home to practice their music. (Note, few student musicians buy their own bass).

* According to recently published School Board minutes, our School District administers attended some summer institute in San Diego this past summer at a cost of $14,000 or so dollars.

* Schools throughout California seem to have the money to train, equip, feed on the road and bus their football, volleyball and cross-country athletes on six hour round trip bus rides to find out if their athletes are better than those from another school.

* Just how many millions of dollars did California spend on a new Language Arts book adoption ? Was it really needed? Was there some huge change in the State Standards to render the previous books unusable? And why does there seem to be a new math program every two years in California ? Is this tied in with some archaic Druid calendar to spend more money for math education?

Just what are our priorities ?