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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pay Cuts? Viva L'Revolution !

I really hope this is not a trend that will become reality. In this mornings San Diego Union-Tribune, there was an article informing us that the San Diego Unified School District (2nd largest in California, following the mess that is LA Unified), may propose a district-wide pay cut of up to 8%.

According to the article, SDUSD and the teachers Association/union have been working under a contract that is several years past its expiration date. One of the board members quoted in the story says basically that in light of the financial difficulties the state is facing, there is just not enough money to go around and instead of raising class sizes, cutting course offerings, closing schools and firing more teachers, classified personnel etc., perhaps a big cut in pay is needed. He did say that perhaps the pay cut would be paid back when financial times improve.

I'd bet you are in the same boat as the Polski3 family; we have cut back on a number of things because my salary has been reduced via inflation, no cola increases, big increases in the cost of health insurance (which will go up a whole lot more if our idiot Congress passes that horrid health care bill) and the cost of having two teens in the household. I can live on less money that I currently EARN, but I really don't want to do that or subject my family to further degradations in our style of living ( yep son #1, you might get to drive Dad's 1996 Camry in a couple of years, if it is still running!)

Polski3 thinks California needs a REVOLUTION. A revolution that tosses out every single member of the California State Legislature and every single "Board" that infests this state, and take the State Constitution back to, say, 1930, then put things back in it based on common sense and what is best for the people of California. Demand that our children, public safety and health are more important than convicted criminals. Maybe California could negotiate with the State of Baja California del Norte to build a new prison to house convicted California criminals.....I bet Baja could do it for about $5,000 each/annually, instead of the $50,000 or so California currently spends. And when criminal illegal immigrants are "released", bus them to the home address of your local congressmen and senators. Ok, Polski3 is getting a bit out of it here..... anyhow Something FOR THE PEOPLE.

I encourage you and everyone you know who can to "Vote NO" for any incumbent, Vote NO on every proposition asking for more money. Get in the face of any and every State politician (and Federal ones too!) that visit your town. Let them know you are sick and tired of the way things are and THEY are largely responsible for it ! Demand answers to your questions, don't accept their usual political gobbledygook. You can find out where they will be by visiting their websites (paid for by YOUR money) and/or by calling their offices (also paid for with YOUR money). Don't threaten them, be polite and courteous and promise them you will actively campaign to toss them and their brethren out of office. If you can, write them. Don't e-mail, writing is more effective. Maybe you will actually receive a reply. If they don't satisfactorily answer you, write again (and again if need be).

Your comments are welcome. I hope your second semester of school is going well and that you still have a teaching job next year (if you want one). Be in fine health and spirits.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Its now 2010.....!

Happy New Year to you all ! I hope 2010 is a new year of fine health, happiness, Love, prosperity and smarter, superbly behaved, higher-test-scoring students for you all !

Have a good first week back at school !