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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Unexpectedly, THEY done Good !

Tomorrow, I need to track down a couple of seventh graders. Why? Here's why.

Today, as I exited our decrepit "teacher's lounge," I pulled my sunglasses out of my shirt pocket. I then went a very short distance to my classroom, where, a few minutes prior to the next class beginning, I call my lovely wife. Just as I was beginning to talk to the beautiful Mrs. Polski3, my classroom door opened and two seventh grade boys came in. I looked at them quizzically. They approached me and handed me a twenty dollar bill and a five dollar bill. "You dropped these outside Mr. Polski3," they told me. I said, "Just a minute honey," to Mrs Polski3, then in a bit of shock, said to them, "THANK YOU boys!". They quietly departed.

At the least, I should write out a couple of "Front of the Lunch Line" passes for them. From what I have seen at my fairly high poverty school, these boys acted very differently than most of their peers would have done. I'll try to find them tomorrow, and quietly, offer them a small reward for what they did. Most students at my school would most likely not have done what they did, in returning the money. Bravo for them !

There IS good in most of them!

Thanks for reading this post. Do you have some "caught being Good!" stories you could share? Have a great day !