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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Its a New Year.... time to change....

Hello, yes, its been awhile. Lots to do, how about you? Polski has been busy.....family, work....you know the story. And I just haven't felt like blogging. There is enough negative crap going on without clicking into a teacher blog and seeing negative stuff, rants about all the problems teachers are experiencing, budgets being cut, layoffs, etc. I tend to be good at complaining; Mrs. Polski, knowing her husband and many members of his family, has come to believe it is inherent with the Polski family, or a least a popular hobby with us.

Anyhow....its now 2o11. One thing I am trying to focus on....no, its not a "new years resolution"....I gave up on those long ago, I am trying to focus on being more positive, less cynical, negative, gloomy, etc. I am not all that sure exactly how to do this, but trying to think about a situation for a few seconds prior to something exiting my mouth is helping. Trying to avoid the eternal pessimists at work and generally trying to be less stressed about stuff I really have no control over.....

I am even working on a teachers version of the famous "serenity prayer." I'll maybe post it if it gets to a form that seems appropriate.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Comments are welcomed!