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Monday, May 30, 2005

A Few other Things....

At this time, I am probably not going to attend this summers NEA RA Assembly. I was not elected to go. I signed up for my name to be placed on the ballot to allow those members of CTA who live in this region to vote for the person who they wanted to represent them at the NEA RA Assembly. But, there was no election. Apparently, I get to go by appointment or default. In my mind, this is not democratic. If I go and speak up about certain issues, whom will I be speaking for, other than myself ? Whom am I representing ? Just me?

Secondly, It will personally cost me money. I am the sole source of income for my family, and the amount of money that CTA will reinburse its delegates will not cover the estimated cost for me to attend this assembly. CTA is only offering reinbursement up to $1250 dollars. They will pay for you to share a hotel room, which would probably be ok, except that meals, transportation, parking and whatever other expenses will add up to more that CTA will reinburse its delegates. My salary has been reduced five to six thousand dollar over the past two years due to health insurance increases and a corrupt insurance trust that has forced teachers in my district to pay lots of their own money for no insurance coverage. As a result, my family will not get much of a summer vacation this year. I can choose to spend my tiny bit of discressionary savings by treating my family to a short vacation or by paying some of my expenses by attending the NEA RA Assembly. My family comes first. Yes, I'd like to go and propose that membership in NEA be voluntary, that the teachers that make up NEA are personally allowed to cast ballots to elect their union officers and that NEA stop endorsing political candidates and learn to work with ALL elected politicians. But my family comes first.
So, I will not be going to Los Angeles for the NEA RA Assembly.

A month or so ago, I personally presented a letter of griveances to CTA President Barbara Kerr. As of today, I have heard nothing back from Mrs. Kerr or any of her CTA minions.