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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Small Victory for Local Teachers

As I have previously written about here on my blog, our NEA/CTA/UNISERV/Local Union dues were "fixin'" to be raised about $125 dollars next school year. However, a small victory has been won by the teachers of this desert region of California; the 'proposed' increase in Uniserv dues to pay for the expansion of the current Uniserv center WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS NEXT YEAR. This item was TABLED at the most recent Uniserv meeting, with the "official" reason given that it "might interfere with CTA's fight against Der Governator. However, it was reported that this large proposed dues increase and especially the money for expanding the Uniserv office was nearly universally ( ok, locally anyhow ) met with howls of protest and anger by the local teachers who would be forced to pay this union levy and the consensus of nearly every local president was this would not be a wise thing to do at this time. So, this plan to tax local teachers to expand the Uniserv building is on hold for now. But, the CTA monarchy will most likely get their $60 tax from their members to fight Der Governator and the other 'dues' they plan to levy on their hardworking membership.