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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

They Say it, but don't Live it........

IF you are tired of some of us educational bloggers bitching, complaining and griping about our forced membership in the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association (CTA/NEA) and not having a voice in choosing the leaders of these unions, PLEASE STOP READING THIS.

At the NEA representative Assembly in Los Angeles last summer, the representatives of us teachers voted on many resolutions and amended some resolutions. As published in the most recent edition of NEA TODAY, on page 51, there is Resolutions H 3: "The Right to Vote". It reads:

"The National Education Association believes that the principle of one person-one vote must apply at all levels of government, including the election of the President of the United States.
The Association recognizes the right to vote as a constitutional right guaranteed to all eligible citizens. The Association supports the continued maintenance of the provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
The Association also supports voting and absentee provisions that are accessible, simplified, accurate, reliable and verifiable for all elections and further supports elections administrations that provide for open, fair, secure, and publicly verifiable ballot counting.
The Association opposes all actions that encourage or result in voter disenfranchisement. The Association supports voter education programs and uniform registration requirements without restrictive residency provisions."

I really wish NEA did BELIEVE this. But, sadly and pathetically, they believe that everyone who is eligible to vote should be able to vote in the election for President of the United States. Why is this sad and pathetic, you may be wondering? Because they will not even allow a "one person - one vote" to select the President of NEA. How can NEA advocate something when they themselves WILL NOT DO IT ? In the 22 years that I have been a full-time , dues deducted from my paychecks teacher and member of NEA, I have never once had the opportunity to cast my ballot for my union president, the man or woman who says they speak for me and all teachers.
NEA speaks of their opposition to all actions that encourage or result in voter disenfranchisement". How "Disenfranchising" is it to never have the right to cast a ballot for your "elected" union officials????

The California Education Association is no better. In my 18 years teaching in California, just like with NEA, I have never been allowed to cast a ballot to elect CTA State President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.

How difficult would it be to publish a ballot for the election of state and national officers in the magazines CTA and NEA publish about every month? They could be removed from the magazine, members could choose the candidate they wish to vote for and mail the ballot to one of those survey or balloting tabulation companies. OR, it could be done online. How hard is this ???? I believe it would go a long way in making teachers feel they had some say in who their leaders are and in feeling less "disenfranchised". What do you think ????

ANY of you reading this blog rant who are members of AFT and their affiliates, Do you get to cast ballots for your state and national union leaders? Please let me/us know.

As always, thank you for reading my blog. I welcome and appreciate your comments.