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Sunday, August 28, 2005

What do "Top" Teachers want for Students ?

In yesterday's San Diego Union-Tribune, there was an article about three of the "Top" teachers in San Diego County. Zenaida Rosario (3rd Grade, San Ysidro), Debra Brice (8th Grade Science and Spanish, San Marcos Middle School) and Stan Murphy (Social Studies, San Diego H.S.) were asked what they wanted for their students. They came up with a "Top Ten" list for Students:

1. Know you are important.

2. Have high expectations of yourself; establish personal goals and commit to
accomplishing them.

3. Ask questions, lots of questions, anytime, no matter what.

4. Treat others with respect.

5. Be good to yourself by getting enough sleep and making good choices when eating
and exercising daily, even if it is just walking the dog. It's a great way to
relax and help you focus on your studies. Try out for a sport at school.

6. Every day, share something you've learned with someone at home.

7. Try to be at school every day. If you miss school, you miss out.

8. Read every day, whether it's magazines or books. The more you read, the better
reader you become. Try to choose something new to read that you haven't tried
before; challenge yourself; explore.

9. Volunteer in your community; being involved will make you a better citizen
and a better student.

10. Have confidence; believe all things are possible; excel to the best of your

In the article, these "Top" teachers also made some other suggestions, some of them aimed at parents. These suggestions included:

* Stay informed about your child's academic growth, understand test results.

* Know the curriculum being taught. If you don't know or have questions, ask the

* Put away electronic games. Its ok to play electronic games during vacations.

* Read to your children, or set aside some time each day to read together as a

* Write. The more you write, the better writer you will become.

* Have a place at home for studying.

* Be supportative of learning. Show your children that you love to learn

* Be a good role model.

* Take you children to special places and talk about what you see.

* Keep many good books in your home. Make a place in your home for reading.
Turn off the TV and make quiet time for reading. Take your children to the
library and bookstores.

* Be involved with your older (junior high and high school) children's education.

* Try to avoid conflicts with things going on in the family and school assignments.

* Talk to teachers about things that might affect school work or attendance.

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