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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


BLESSED are the students who had a Mom or Dad who read to them when they were pre-schoolers, who talked to them, who took them to intellectually stimulating places, who played games with them and taught them that fun was not just about winning.

BLESSED are the students whose parents talk to their teacher(s) on a regular basis, who parents provide them with healthy meals and limit their intake of junk food and refined sugars, whose parents limit their TV viewing and electronic game play time and whose parents have taught their children the meaning of the word "NO."

BLESSED are the students whose homes are filled with books, whose parents read and model good behaviors, whose parents provide for their children the basic supplies and resources to successfully complete homework and school projects, whose parents look over their childrens' homework and who hold high, but realistic expectations for their students success.

BLESSED are the students whose parents instill in them the belief that some things are wrong and you just don't do those things, whose parents teach their children that there are both good and not so good consequences for their actions and behaviors, and that as much as Mom or Dad would love to see you grow up to be a star professional athlete, you still need an excellent education because glory on the field of play does not last forever.

Many of my students are blessed. Too many are not. What blessings do you wish for your students?

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