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Monday, October 24, 2005

Flexibility, A Teacher Requirement

This morning I pulled a red flyer from my office mailbox at school. This red flyer informed us that there was to be an assembly TODAY for RED RIBBON WEEK (an anti-drug thing). Several of my fellow teachers who were at their mailbox were muttering under their breath about this; that we had no prior notice about an alternative schedule, that 'so much for starting the planned science lab TODAY!", and that the kids would complain in PE because it would become an exercise only day. As for me, as I looked over the schedule, I was shocked; the assembly was to be held SEVENTH PERIOD! "AH, COOL!" was my reaction. Why such a reaction than many of my fellow teachers? Because seventh period is my 'prep period', I have no kids and will get a longer than usual prep period. The shorter class times wouldn't interfer with my lesson plans, BUT, lunch would be later than usual.

There are several lessons here for you newer teachers out there in teacherbloglandia.......first, be flexible. Maybe you heard this in Ed. school, but one of the characteristics that teachers must develop is to be flexible. Days like this happen, usually due to administrative incompetence and administrative failure to communicate with their teachers. It happens. Secondly, KNOW that stuff like this does happen and learn to 'go with the flow'. IS it really that worth fussing and foaming at the mouth about? Thirdly, enjoy a longer prep period. I got more work done there at school and didn't have to bring it home. How cool is that? And lastly, for those of you who sometimes get a bit shaky before lunch due to blood sugar issues, have a small snack handy in your desk or someplace nearby that is easy to get to.

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