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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Coffee, Manners and Civility

I got a kick out of the news reports about the coffeeshop owner in Chicago posting a sign regarding the behavior of kids in the coffeeshop with their parent(s).
Imagine, asking the kids to "behave and use their indoor voices"! And, according to the news report, saying that their parents acted like they "had a strong sense of entitlement".

Entitlement to do what? Sit and drink your daily java and ignore your kids??? What kind of parenting is that? YOU parents, where did you learn or get the idea that your children are "entitled" to run amok, yell and scream and generally act like some kind of ferel beasts ANYWHERE in public ???? I guess you must allow this behavior at home also? Boy, will you have fun when your kids hit puberty and their teen years. What then, will you do? My guess, is you will chose to ignore it, just like you are doing now. And, you will probably try to bribe your spawn into some level of acceptable behavior by buying them a new Beemer or Lexus to drive to school and the mall ? Your bratty spawn will make great adults. What will your grandchildren be like ? Yep, even the upper scale families are dysfunctional. Generationally dysfuctional.

I take my boys out for 'coffee' to a local 'Mom and Pop' combo coffee bar, new and used books and teacher supply store. They have been having hot chocolate (and sometimes a donut) there with me for years. They go look at the books and occasionally purchase one. And, at times, they have gotten bored at times, not from getting hot chocolate and donuts, but from being boys with lots of energy refueled by hot chocolate and donuts. They have chased each other about. But, despite whatever good discussion or conversation I am in, I deal with them and remind them that such behavior is not acceptable. And I promise them that we'll go in a minute or two. The are not entitled to act like little barbarians in public. I am not entitled to expect the owners to put up with such behavior in their place of business. In fact, having known these fine people since I was in high school, I am a bit embarrassed that my boys made the choice to behave in such a manner. Maybe that is part of what is happening nationally with our national lack of civility and manners; there is not enough shame in misbehavior, in demonstrating a lack of manners or conducting oneself with a lack of civility and patience. Usually, if they stop their chasing each other, that is the end of it. But if they don't, then I let them know that such behavior will not be tolerated. Their 'punishment"? They don't get to go with me for 'coffee' the next time I go. But they still know that their Dad loves them and wants the best for them.

I am rattling on a bit now. I haven't even touched on behavior in the classroom and at the school.

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