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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Seven Things Meme.....

I got memeed (is that a new blogging word???) for the meme about the Seven Things......Sheesh, these take some thinking! I will start here, with just one of the seven.....So, here are the Seven Books or Series that I Love, in no particular order:

* The Adventures of Richard Sharpe Series by Bernard Cornwell

* Most of the series by W.E.B. Griffin (about the USMC in WWII, Cops and Good Guys
v. Bad Guys)

* Just about all the great novels written by Wilbur Smith. This got me thinking
about the parallels between the historical settlement and development of the
Western US with what occurred in Southern Africa. We (US) had Battle of the
Little BigHorn, Brits had Isandhwana, we had Mexican-American War, they had Boer
War, they have gold and diamonds, we had California Gold Rush and Comstock Lode...

* Mysteries. I like the mysteries set in Feudal Japan written by Laura Joh
Rowland, featuring Sano Ichiro as the Shogun's investigator, the Roman Mysteries
written by John Maddox Roberts (SPQR Series) and the Gordianus the Finder by
Steven Saylor, Medieval mysteries such as the Brother Cadfael series written by
Ellis Peters, the stories by Michael Jenks (Medieval West Country Mysteries)

* I like the Naval action stories of Douglas Reeman (the Blackwood Family, Royal
Marines), the Dewey Lambdin series featuring Alan Lewrie, the great series by
Patrick O'Brian featuring Jack Aubrey, RN and his trusty sidekick, Dr. Maturin.
And reading about naval actions of WWII (an uncle of mine was in the USN in

* Westerns, such as Louis L'Amour. Many of them are like watching an old John Wayne
movie. One of the more interestingly written western novels I've read was
Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy. It was about the Glanton Gang, scalp hunters
of northern Mexico who muscled in on the ferry business at the Yuma Crossing in
the early 1850's and were "massacred" by the local Quachan peoples who they
abused. (Historical note: paying for the new state of California militia to go
to the Yuma Crossing to "put down this Indian revolt" was one of the first big
debts for the state of California, about $30,000.00 dollars)

* There are SO many more, it is hard to name them all. BUT, no Harliquins or Romance
novels. Those just are not my cup of tea.

I will get to the other six "Seven Things" meme later.

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