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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Torturing Students in Spanish ????

Well, I am "back to work" now.....my student teacher successfully completed his tour of internship with me and has departed. (FYI, he has a teaching contract offer already!) As I was walking about my classroom the other day, checking for understanding and to be sure my students were working on their proper assignment, I came across one who was just sitting and doing nothing. "Jane," (not her real name), "Why aren't you working? Do you understand the assignment?" I asked her. "I don't have any lead, Gimme some!" she informed me and demanded. "Whoa!" I replied, Yo soy no su Padre! Esta no mi dinero para tu, esta para mi familia!" This led to a burst of laughter from the class. Yes, I have been known to torture my students with my Spanish. I told her to check the dam cup ( a souvenir cup from Hoover Dam where I keep scrap pencils ) and if there isn't one in there, get one off my desk.

Then I noticed a boy in the back of the class raising his hand. "Yes Mario," I replied, (not his real name). Mr. Polski (not my real name either), you are embarrassing me with your Spanish! I'm Mexican and I can't speak it as good as you!" OF course, with this the class burst out laughing again. I smiled.

Just a glimpse into my classroom. Do you "torture" your students somehow ?

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