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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Any way you slice it.....

I got involved in something today that I'd heard about, but never personally encountered in my many years in the classroom and being around teenagers. It was just kind of a fluke, being at a certain place at a certain time.

I was standing outside my classroom door this morning, when, among the hoard of students passing by on their way to morning classes, I noticed a gothic appearing student roll back the cloth of whatever was covering their left arm to show a student who was walking with them. Something just seemed wrong....teacher radar ? Anyhow, I called to the student, whom I do not personally know, and asked them to roll back their sleeve to show me whatever it was they just showed the other student. The goth tried to show me a pen circle drawn on their thumb. I said, no, please roll up your sleeve. Letters had been cut into their arm. They didn't look too old, as they didn't appear to have formed much of a scab yet.

I asked the student their name, and was told a first name. I asked for a surname and was told, all in a very low tone of voice. I asked "Why did you do that?". Goth cutter said, "'Cause I can." It was a flat statement, not spoken with pride, gusto, bravado, or in seeking sympathy. I said, "You know, there are LOTS of other things you can do, besides THAT." Goth cutter said, "yeh." I said ok, go on to class.

Of course, I am duty bound to report this. I found an AP at lunch and let him know about the encounter. Later this afternoon, I heard from him that there seemed to be a rash of "cutting" going on, that the other jr. high/middle school in town had nearly a dozen known recent students cutting themselves, and today's goth cutter made three for our school, that "we" now know about. I could say more about what he told me, but that may be getting into confidential information. He did say, however that what goth cutter had cut into their arm was something like "Kill Kya" which is apparently from some song by a Japanese Punk band.

I have no comprehension as to why someone would do that mutilation to themself.
But, hopefully, this kid will accept help to deal positively with whatever drove them to do something like this.

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