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Saturday, April 14, 2007

End of Spring Break......

Spring Break, formerly known as Easter Vacation, is soon to end. For me, Monday morning, sometime prior to sunrise, it will be ended by some oldies tune spun by a real dj on our local "old fashioned" radio station. The tune will quickly be silenced, so not to wake up Mrs. Polski3.

I know what I will be doing Monday with my dazed, sleepy, zoned out seventh graders the day after Spring Break. After quietly filling in their history lines in their daily planners, our opener activity will be a DOL using the definition of "TUMEN" ( the name of the units of 10,000 soldiers of the Mongol Army- accordign to wikipedia, "Under Genghis Khan's military system, a Tumen is constructed from units of 10, 100, 1000 soldiers and commanded by a noyan." ), jotting down some new vocabulary terms from the chapter section we are beginning and noting if they "know" the word or "do not know" the word on their vocabulary survey sheets, then we continue with our lessons about the Mongols and China. I will also catch up those who were not in class the Wednesday prior to Spring Break, which was our last teaching day.

Do you know what you will be doing with your students when you blow back into your classroom from Spring Break ? I find that it helps to know what you plan to do prior to departure from school for Spring Break (or any other extended time off from school).

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