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Monday, April 09, 2007

No matter what their size......

From his hiding place near the spring, the stealthy panther could see his prey up on the ridge, peacefully grazing. With nary a quiver of a whisker, the stealthy panther made his way up onto the ridge, the prey quietly remaining in place. With a mighty leap, the panther was upon his startled prey, claws digging for traction as his fangs sank deep into the haunches and neck of his now helpless prey. Satisfied that the prey was dead, the panther dragged it off the ridge and back to his hiding place near the spring. Some of the prey was eaten on the spot, the rest left for another meal (or ten).

Does the above scenario happen in your house? If you have a cat, it has probably happened. Apparently, "someone" failed to fill the cat cereal bowl prior to retiring for bed last night. We awoke this morning to find a bag of cat cereal on the floor of the dining room, not far from our cats cereal and water bowls. Corners of the bag had been ripped open and cereal spilt. There were also other fang marks puncturing other parts of the bag. One of our "panthers" had to hunt down his prey, in this case, this bag of Friskies that was left sitting on the kitchen counter. No matter what their size, they are ferocious beasts inside, aren't they !

Hope your Spring Break is going well !

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