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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not posting....things about me 'cause I got tagged

I haven't felt like posting on this blog or reading blogs lately. It is not because I have been too busy. Reason will be noted below.

I got tagged, I think it was by MsCornelius, with meme about "Eight Things About Me" I am not going to follow the rules per se, but here are "Eight Things About Polski3," in no particular order:

1. Polski3 is proud of his sons. In last Sunday's local newspaper, both were in a photo from their school for being in their school's top five Accelerated Readers. Both earned over 500 AR points. Also in the same newspaper, they were noted as being on honor roll for their school. And, I have a lovely, beautiful, multi-talented, supportive wife who is a super Mother for our two boys. Life would not be without her.

2. I have too many books. Yes, I know this is blasphemy to many of you, but I am starting to wonder when I will be able to read all these books I have piled up in my study/office/computer room. Or if I will be able to read them.

3. I teach because it allows me to have time to do other things (at least more than for a two-week vacation), it allows me to be involved in subject matter that I enjoy and I can earn a wage that allows me to support my family. And, yes, I do like it when the students cooperate and show some enthusiasm for what they are learning and for what they have achieved.

4. I enjoy genealogy, watching baseball and football on TV (can't play anymore), playing chess and go, playing family games with my family (and I have learned not to be so competitive about it), travel, the outdoors, reading, and learning new stuff about things that I am interested in.

5. I wonder why the face and body I see in the mirror is NOT what I see in my mind.

6. I am frustrated with the ever rising cost of life and the fact that my salary does not seem to keep up......But I am glad that I have health insurance that helps my family with our many medical needs.

7. I procrastinate too much about certain things....it won't hurt the lawn to go another couple of days without cutting it, piles and boxes of teaching stuff in the office/study/computer room and out in the garage (and in my classroom) that need to be tossed or recycled. Some of this is, in part because I am lazy about work that I don't really want to do or doesn't need to be immediately taken care of. And I have been procrastinating too long on something else....which leads us to number 8.

8. Polski3 has not been too happy the past week. Depressed would also be an accurate word. Polski3 usually does not like change, and was avoiding some changes that I knew needed to be made. Well, now all of a sudden, changes are being made weather I want them to or weather I like them. Polski3 recently went for a medical check up (and would strongly encourage you all to do so too, if you haven't had at least a medical check up in the past year or more). And, the results of my blood test told that my blood is "too sweet," as in has way too much glucose floating around in it. This is also called Diabetes. My physician said I have Type II Diabetes. Tomorrow finally caught up with Polski3. Polski3 KNEW that I needed to eat better, eat less, exercise more and that genetics were not on my side. But I procrastinated. I have faith in medical science that they will be able to fix just about anything with my body that needs fixing. Well, this is not something they can fix, it requires major changes and effort on my part. Now, Polski3 has to eat a whole lot less of a whole lot different foods. And try to exercise more. I do walk at least three to four times a week. And I have to check my glucose level every morning and take a pill. And eat a lot less of a whole lot of different foods. Again, I encourage you to get yourselves checked.

There are eight things about Polski3