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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Interesting.... Soon Back to the trenches....

There is a middle School near my in-laws home in Oregon, called Fernwood Middle School. Their sign was recently vandalized and it now reads: Fernwood i dle School.

Recd. a notice from our school principal about our pre-student arrival week.
There will be the usual legally required stuff about reporting suspected abuse, what is harassment, etc. And two tiny workshops, "Effective Behavior Management" (probably a reminder/refresher about the Noah Salzman Discipline plan our administration adopted which some teachers call the Administrative Disciplinary Reduction and Involvement Program), and "AVIDizing our Curriculum". There will also be the dreaded Data Analysis ( our students are not testing well.....our school WILL BE in Year 5 of being an NCLB SC---ED, er, Failing School). AND, interdisciplinary Team meetings, Department meetings and Welcome Back Program to meet the new superintendent. A few hours to deal with our classrooms. Hopefully, by time I get back into my classroom, "they" will have delt with the army of ants that I found in my classroom when I went in to work earlier this week.

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