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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Angry Parent UPDATE

Thank you for the words of support and suggestions for dealing with my youngest son's situation. After a discussion with my wife, we decided it would do no good to talk to the principal again, at this point. He won't be there in the future anyhow; he is retiring. This course of action is not usually in my nature, but as my cooler-headed much better half said, "lets just get him through the last few weeks." However, if I encounter the principal, I will say something about it. Hopefully my son will learn a lesson about dealing with persons in authority such as this teacher. And, my son will not be attending that school next year. He will either go to another nearby school offering as much of a GATE program as this school district offers, or maybe to another nearby school which has been designated as a new "Science and Math Magnet School". I have reservations about the still to be determined method of selecting which students will be allowed to attend this new magnet school. If it is based on grades and test scores, he is a shoe-in. If it is based on "ethnicity", his admission will be denied ( he's not Hispanic enough, Korean, African-American or from a war torn, poverty-wracked household ). The new magnet school will also have a new principal, someone whom I have been acquainted for some time and am not too sure of this person's leadership ability or ability to deal in a non-confrontational manner with parents or teachers. But, my son is hoping to go to this new magnet school, so we will apply. Oh, and for the second time in his five years of attending this school, my son was selected as his class "Student of the Year!". I asked him if there was much competition in his class for it. He rolled his eyes ( being a teen is just around the corner---yikes!), and said, in a drawn out voice, "No, not REALLY."