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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Math Fight

Our oldest son is a seventh grader at the top of his Algebra I class. The local high school math departments have decided that they will offer Geometry to students after successful completion of Algebra I. Then, if they go on, students can take Alg. II then Pre-Calculus. Anyhow, the local high schools don't want my son (or the other soon-to-be eighth grader in Algebra I) to walk across the street from their junior high school to take geometry class. The junior high wants to put the boys at computers with headphones to do a distance learning geometry class. The computers would by in an Algebra I classroom and the teacher would be concentrating on teaching Algebra I. So, the plan that two school district administrations have been able to come up with over the past six months is for these two boys to basically work independently to learn geometry.

My wife ( a credentialed math teacher ) and I are against this idea. We see no reason our son and the other boy can't walk across the street to the high school to take the math class they need. So now we have to fight with the local high school district. Yes, we could "home-school" our son in either algebra II or geometry. But that is not the point. Why is the high school district being so difficult to deal with on this? In the past, but not recently, there have been several eighth graders walking across the street to take high-level math classes they needed that were not offered by the junior high. I know also that there is an "eighth grade" home schooled student currently enrolled at one of the local high schools for Algebra II.

We welcome any ideas of suggestions for us dealing with this.