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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You KNOW its the end of our school year when.....

You know its the end of the school year when......

* The office fails to issue an "absence list" for the past four school days.

* No one answers the phones in the office when a teacher calls with a question about
some mysterious quirk in the odd schedule for the day.

* The band and orchestra teachers take your students out of class for a week without
telling you about it.

* Students who yank another student to the ground and savagely kick the student on the ground are just sent back to classes with no punishment.

* The district spends thousands of dollars for a cheap stage for the new gym.

* Physical education teachers wonder if they have a new gym or if the locker rooms, PE equipment storage rooms are just some strange appendage to the new multipurpose room.

* Someone in administration tells students not to bring their daily planner, notebooks, pencils, pens, or anything necessary for academic instruction the last five days of the school year.

* Administration requires ALL teachers to turn in their semester grades at least ten days prior to when the school calendar says the semester is over.

* You hear complaints from teachers about snooty office clerical helpers who refuse to change grades upon teacher request.

* Parents call and express their amazement as to how their child is failing your class.

* You have a faculty meeting which includes a "lecture/discussion" about motivation of students.

* At the faculty meeting, teachers are reminded about "how hard the administration team is working" that last week of school.

* Some teachers are told that they must be out of their classrooms by Friday, because summer school classes will be using that classroom beginning Monday.

* Your school holds an assembly to honor the Seventh grade students who earned "Honor Roll". Forgotten/ignored by administration was the "Caught Being Good" drawing for a nice prize to reward those students who earned a "Caught Being Good" coupon by one of their teachers. Forgotten is the "Students of the Month" for May. Mentioned, but without accolades, is the seventh grader selected by teachers to be the "Outstanding" Seventh Grader. Missing was any member of our school board or the superintendent. Maybe "someone" forgot to tell them.

* Teachers leave school on Tuesday with knowing what the schedule for Wednesday will be because administration has yet to inform us.

Yep, its the end of our school year. How is/did your school year end ?

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a nice summer !