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Friday, September 26, 2008


Ok, Ok, I know my prior blog was one of my usual rants. But, here is something different.....something positive.

I don't know exactly how, in my period six class today, we got from discussing the Contributions of Rome, Latin Language, to buying stuff in Ancient Rome, but we did. Class was almost over, so I went to my desk for a small envelope I brought from home, dumped the contents out of it into my hand, walked over to one of my students and asked her to open her hand. She held out her hand and I placed seven Roman coins in her hand. I told her that in her hand, were coins that I was sure some girl in the Roman Empire once held and used to go shopping.....at least 1500 years ago. She got an amazed look on her face and I about had a riot on my hands as students literally ran from their desks to take a look at these simple bronze and silver Roman coins.

I quickly calmed them down and assured them that they would all get to see these coins next week. Something to look forward to. History can be so cool, )even if it is not in the standards) !