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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Calif. League of Middle Schools Conference

Any of you other MS/JHS teachers going to this years California League of Middle Schools Conference in San Diego, March 12-15 ? I'm going, and will be presenting. It should be fun. The last time I presented a workshop at a teachers conference, it was at CLMS in San Diego, on March 11, 1995. I did my presentation (Science Activities for US History) and was heading for the commercial displays, when another teacher from my school stopped me and told me the conference organizers were trying to find me. I went to the conference organizers area and found out that Mrs. Polski3 has called and I was needed at home ASAP. I quickly left San Diego for the drive home, and at 9:24 PM that evening, our first son was born. (He was two weeks or so early....but a healthy, hungry baby boy!)....damn, he's going into high school NEXT semester....has it been THAT long ????

Anyhow, THAT won't happen this time. Maybe some ms/jhs bloggers could meet sometime during this conference ?