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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Funding CUTS for California Education - Here's a money saving Idea !

Well, I see our comrades in the People's Congress, oops, I mean the California State Legislature have decided that their continued spending must be helped by cutting Eight Billion Dollars from California Public Schools.

Sadly, I'll predict that the cuts will come to schools; teachers, instructional aides, school medical staff, supplies (including textbooks!) will be cut. There will be fewer athletic activities for high school students (our local h.s. district is eliminating freshman sports). How many cuts will come from the State Department of Education? County Offices of Education? School District Offices? Because of the huge amount being cut, probably a few token jobs. But it will be the children, especially the struggling children in California schools who will bear the brunt of this act by California's so-called leaders.

Here is an idea to save most school districts some money. Change the rules for teachers retirement. Offer those teachers with 25+ years teaching in California the opportunity to retire at age 55 with the same benefits they'd receive by retiring at age 60+. Everyone knows, "newer" teachers are cheaper. There is public press blathering about the newer, energetic younger teachers always losing their jobs because of the unions and their staunch stand on seniority; "last hired,first fired." This would create jobs for those younger, more energetic new teachers.

Yes, Polski3 happens to be in that category of having 25+ years in California public schools when I hit age 55. I'd be happy to retire at that time, if I received the benefits currently only available for those who retire at age 60+. But with the current system, if I went out at age 55, I'd only get about half of what I'd get at age 60+.

HEY CTA, are you listening to this? Here is something you can push for many of your members ! Remember them?