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Sunday, February 01, 2009

History Interventions

Our department has also been tasked to find interventions for re-teaching material students as a group did not score too well on based on our department test scores. I've done google searched for "history interventions" and pretty much come up with blanks. We've been told by administration to use the test questions that students as a group did not score well on, as opener (bell ringer) questions. IMO, this might work fine for subjects such as math and Language Arts, but since history is taught more topically, having opener questions about "Contributions of Ancient Rome" does not go too well when our current topic of study is China. We as a department are not too willing to take out a day or two to go back to try to "reteach" that material that as a group, our students did not score well on in the department tests. We have too many standards to try to touch on.

Our 8th Grade US History people, they are being expected to go back to "touch on" World History standards for grades 6 and 7, as well as some stuff from grade 5 US History. ( please note, that in the public school district where I teach, our feeder schools do not teach much, if any history; the vast majority of our students come to us knowing almost nothing about the past history of people on this planet nor do they know such basic things as the names of the oceans and continents or being able to read a map to determine names of countries from names of cities, mountains, etc.) I try to also cover some of the "A-ranked" Grade Six history standards while teaching my Grade Seven standards. But there is just so little time and way too many standards. I really wish the folks at the California State Department of Education would get their heads out of their (you know whats), find out what really happens in classrooms and talk to the "experts" ( teachers )and develop History/Social Studies Standards with what is really vital and important in helping our students become educated, good citizens with a grasp of history, geography and civic understanding.

Do you "re-teach" history ? What do you do regarding History interventions?