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Saturday, February 28, 2009

RIP Paul Harvey

When I got online this evening, I saw that the great radio man Paul Harvey had passed away. God, what a voice, what a way to tell us the news and try to sell us a Select Comfort bed (which he helped do) or a Bose wave radio (someday). In my younger days of piddling around with Journalism, I used to be able to hear Paul Harvey proudly announce, "STAND BY FOR NEWS!" I'd always wished I could write like he could speak.

And, as a history person, I loved his great "And now, HERE'S the REST OF THE STORY." I have missed listening to Paul Harvey News. Now he's gone. I did find out by reading the article, that he got his start in Tulsa. I didn't know Paul was an Okie. But, where ever he was born, America has lost one of our Greats. I wish peace to his wife Angel and his family.