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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Updating YOU

Are you a teacher who updates yourself? Are you a teacher who pretty much does the same thing each school year ? I am excited about going to next weekends CLMS (California League of Middle Schools) Conference as an opportunity to update me. Yes, I am also presenting, but here is an opportunity to go to some workshops specifically tailored for middle-level students and add to my ever-growing tool box of techniques, ideas, etc., for helping my students learn what the State of California hopes for them to learn. As I heard someone say once, a workshop or inservice is of value if you can find at least one new thing that you can use in your classroom. I believe this to be true.

Some teachers complain of being "stuck" or "chained" or "enslaved" in teaching. I wonder if they update themselves? Isn't "variety" the spice of life? I know those of you who have taught for a number of years have learned that curriculum changes, new expectations are added to existing expectations, students change and that over time, we develop a tool box of ideas, techniques, etc. to help teach the basics and beyond to our students. Update yourself. Challenge yourself to make you a better teacher. Maybe THIS is the time, during this long March march towards Spring/Easter Break, to find something new and exciting to inject into your classroom. Do it for you and for your students.

How do you "update" yourself? Please share it with us!

Thanks for reading this post. Have a good weekend and Great second week of March !