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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Made a difference....delayed, but....

This week is our schools "Parent Conference Week." One of my students who's parents (yes, both of them!), I conferenced with, were on the way out when the mother turned to me and said, "We probably should tell you something about "Katrina," (not her real name).

"Katrina" was a seventh grade student of mine a number of years ago, and the older sister of one of my current students. Anyhow, the mother proceeded to tell me how thankful they were that I'd called them about my concerns regarding "Katrina" and how at the parent-student-teacher conference, I'd insisted on going through her backpack and daily planner with them. The mother recalled us discovering a number of notes and such things, and commenting to them that some of the names listed on the "Social" page of Katrina's daily planner, were names of students who I said I wouldn't want my children associating with due to their behaviors, attitude, etc.
"You really opened up our eyes about what was going on with Katrina," the mother said. "And that got us to pay more attention to what she was doing and what we needed to do." Katrina is now in the upper stages of high school, doing ok, grade-wise, and active in positive school activities. "Anyhow," mother said,"We thought you might like to know you really made a difference for us and Katrina."

Such things are nice to hear. After all, aren't teachers supposed to "make a difference?" I hope that you other teachers out there get to hear some words like these.

Oh, and btw, if you haven't yet had your annual parent-teacher conferences, Ms. Cornelia (see my blogroll over on the left column), has some good tips for parent-teacher conferences.

Have a good rest of the week !