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Monday, December 18, 2006

For us, today was cold.....New teacher tip

Winter seems to have blown a bit of its frosty breath on us here in southern California, at least as much as we get frosty. But today seemed cold to me.....
And we had students showing up to school wearing their school uniform blue shorts and white polo shirts. Were they cold? I think so, because many acted glad to be in my warm classroom. Do they have jackets? I'd imagine so. So whats up with wearing shorts and t-shirts when it is cold outside? Welcome to Junior High.

NEW TEACHER TIP. If this is your last teaching week of the year, prep now for the first couple of days after you return from Christmas Holiday/Break (or whatever you call it). Believe me, it is nice to walk into your classroom and have your lesson plans right there waiting for you after two weeks away from your classroom and students. But then again, there IS the challenge of walking into your classroom after two weeks away from classroom and students and wondering what to do with those 35 sleepy, dazed, smiling, confused little faces staring at you. :-)

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