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Monday, January 15, 2007

Holiday Work...... Test Corections Homework

Hello and I hope this finds you enjoying (or you did enjoy), your day off from teaching in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and all of his efforts on behalf of civil rights for Americans. I also hope that where ever you are, you are staying warm. It is C O L D here in the part of California where I live, IMO, un-naturally cold. So cold that various things of water my sons have in their play area (which they refer to as "Friendlytown") freeze at night. They are delighted to find ice in the mornings. And all around town, most of our ficus (Indian Laurel) trees now host hundreds of brown, frozen leaves. Burrrr.

I have spent part of my day grading "test corrections homework". When I return a test or quiz to my students, they automatically have "corrections homework". They are to take the multiple choice or matching questions and combine the question and answer (hopefully the right answer) into a single statement. If there are true and false questions they got wrong, they are to re-write false statements so that they are true statements. If they said true statements were false, they copy the statement and add, "is a true statement" at the end of the statement. For map questions, they have to draw a copy of the map and correctly label on their map the locations of places they got wrong on the test/quiz. If they missed short answer or essay questions, they have to provide new or more data to fully answer the questions. With all of this, my students can earn one-half point more credit for each "correct" answer. IMO, this helps them bring up their test/quiz scores, helps them learn the material they missed and avoids having re-testing after-school or during classtime.

Do you let students take a test or quiz again? What are your thoughts on my approach to "re-testing" ?

Have a good week !

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