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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Do the courts do this to your community?

Over the years, teaching in what was a small, rural agriculture-based community in California, I have had several students enter my junior high school classroom who had been "sent here" by a court of law.

These students have not been sent here because of issues such as divorce, child abuse, and such, but sent here by courts of law in the Los Angeles area or San Diego area, in order to remove them from the criminal environment which got these "young people" involved in court of law to begin with. In short, they are either placed with some relative or into a group home to get them away from their gang banging buddies in LA or San Diego.

These students usually are academically far behind. They have an attitude. They don't wanna be here. However, they often find themselves on top of whatever social heap the local gang bangers or wanna-be little gangsters have, which leads them to trouble with probation and they disappear back into the morass of the California juvenile court system from which they oozed. However, these gang bangers are not removed from regular school until they have had a very bad, negative impact on the local youth who see them as being on some criminal pedestal because they were in a tougher, meaner, nastier big city gang.

Two of these gangbangers recently entered one of our local high schools. I don't know what their influence was with the other students at this school, but these two decided to set their new high school on fire. They destroyed a student bathroom facility and damaged a classroom. Thankfully, our local fire station is two blocks away from this high school, and they got there muy pronto before more damage was done. And these two big city gangbangers were busted for their crime of arson.

My question is, why the heck do the courts foster these criminals on schools in other communities ? Do they think removing these gangsters from the big city to a smaller community far from their hommies is going to make a difference? These juvenile court judges who are doing this, afaik, are appointees, not subject to the wrath of the voters. Heck, even if they were elected, no one HERE can vote for or against them, they are in another county! IMO, what these members of the judicial system are doing is just so wrong. And us "rural" local taxpayers foot the repair bills for what these "big city" legal sparrows have wrought upon us.

Does this happen in your community?

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