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Monday, March 12, 2007

Write to THEM thats making the rules....

As many of you know, NCLB is up for re-authorization in the US Congress. This is the time for teachers to write to your elected member of the US House of Representatives and US Senate, expressing your concerns about NCLB. Note, I said concerns. Don't rant or bitch at them about how "screwed up" NCLB has made your life and job.

Here is what I plan to say. I will tell them about the declining opportunities for my boys to learn much history, science, art, music and P.E. at their public elementary school. I will tell them the impact of this on the students I get in my history classes. I will tell them that, imo, "fairness" is supposed to be a basic tenent of America, and how I believe it is so unfair to put the entire burden on the schools and teachers, not including the students, their families or the edubureaucrats at the State Offices of Education. I will, of course elaborate about each of these points. Lastly, I will suggest that money paid by US taxpayers is better spent for students in the United States and that they could find lots of money by not spending it on the US imperial failure in Iraq.

Please write to your elected representatives. Express your feelings and opinions. THEY won't know if ya don't tell 'em ! And, if by some chance, you actually meet them someplace in person, BEND THEIR EAR. Make them listen to you. They are supposed to be there for us.

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