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Monday, August 13, 2007

Test Scores.....WOW ! At least for what's Tested.

My wife and I recd. the standardized test scores for our boys. Our boys both scored in the "Advanced" category in both the English and Math portions of their tests. In the Math portions of their STAR tests, our oldest missed one math problem and our youngest scored 100%' he did not miss a single math question the test asked him. Of course, we are proud of our boys. I place a large share of their success on having a stay at home mother who oversees their homework, parents who are readers ( both boys earned over 500 AR points last school year ! ) and the expectations in our home that education is extremely important and that someday, they will go on to earn university degrees. And, so far, for the most part, they like school.

Unfortunately, they are offered very little History, Science, Music, Art or Physical Education at their school. We provide them with some of these educational opportunities, but how many of the young people in this USA are not learning much history, science, music, art or p.e. in their elementary schools because students will not be tested in those areas. As I have written previously, this is a shame and IMO, a crime. Hopefully, our boys will be able to continue their academic excellence as they traverse their public school experience. If there was a private school option where we live, and I could afford it, I'd send them to private school. It is not their teachers I find fault with; it is the tunnel-vision of testing, the lack of interest on part of local school district desk jockeys in education for higher-achieving students, and honestly, the low level of educational expectations of vast majority of people in this area where I have a job and we live.

But anyhow, we are proud of our boys !

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