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Monday, September 15, 2008

Does your school have this?

Does your school suffer from NVA ? Oh, what is "NVA," you may ask ? "NVA" stands for "No visible Administrators". It is most evident when there are large numbers of students on campus, especially in the mornings before the first bell of the school day, during passing periods, during lunch and at dismissal. I really hope that something major does not happen with so many ( about 800 ) seventh and eighth grade students roaming about school, relatively unsupervised.

Oh, there are times when NVA is ok. Like when teachers in their classrooms may be occasionally deviating from the "IF IT'S NOT IN THE STANDARDS, IT DOES NOT GET TAUGHT" AllMightyTesting doctrine. Or in the lunch room when discussion, shall we say, may not be all that friendly to administration or certain students, parents, board members, district office personnel, governors, legislators, et. al.

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